Sports bodies join forces

With an election and budget on the horizon, businesses, organisations and interest groups are making their cases. Campaigns of all shapes and sizes are doing the rounds. From ‘protect the arts budget’ to ‘commit 2% of GDP to defence’. It has been interesting to see sport, in the form of national governing bodies, join the fray this week. Not always the most campaigning sector it has grouped together to remind government and us taxpayers of its value and considerable achievements. The ‘State of Play’ report from the CEOs of 39 national governing bodies, is a useful resource. Not just to politicos, policy makers and funding distributors, but to media and those of us interested in the contribution these organisations make to the life of the nation. It would be great to see the sport sector engage in more joint campaigning, in the way that the leisure sector has in recent years through UKActive. As we look ahead to ever tighter budgets and a potential reduction in funding, it’s in sport’s interest to speak up.





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