Award winning campaigns at British Cycling

British Cycling is one of the few national governing bodies of sport that is succeeding in helping more of us to be active. (This matters – they’re all publicly funded to do just that).

British Cycling is an inspiring organisation. I was fortunate to join them for a few years to lead the marketing and promotion of recreational or everyday cycling.

What did I do at the famous velodrome? What were my ‘marginal gains’?

Here’s a flavour……….

Developed, marketed and promoted the UK’s biggest ever activity/participation campaign

Developed brand, positioning, content and value in a new campaign for women’s cycling

Led the day to day relationship with principal partner BSkyB and marketing depts at a lot of local authorities….because¬†achieving great things is a partnership effort

Stakeholder relations including networks of high level influencers and new affinity partnerships

Supporter engagement, content, eCRM and activities,¬†PR, content, user-generated comms, digital platforms, social media……

All possible by recruiting and developing a great team*


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